Anon – Phone Reading

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Hi Annabella

Thanks so much for the reading today! I’d like to leave the following testimonial:

Feeling positive and very emotional after my phone reading with Annabelle today. I was astounded when she gave me the name of my workplace and knew that I am restless at work and looking for something else.  She also knew my birth sign, middle name and that I was named after both of my parents (who she also knew had both passed away some time ago). She gave me the name of my mom’s sister who is also in spirit.  I was going to ask her a question about something that has been bothering me for the last month but I didn’t need to ask her this as she passed a message on to me from spirit that answered my question and gave me the name of the friend it concerned. Annabella also told me something that only myself and my deceased parents would know.  She also gave me the name of my brother in law and told me to expect some news regarding him. From her predictions I seem to have a lot of big changes to look forward to and hope they come to fruition.  I will definitely return for more readings from her, she is an amazing medium and I cannot recommend her highly enough

thanks so much again, really enjoyed it,

Joanna Spiritual Awareness Workshop

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Annabella, thank you so much for the workshop yesterday and sharing your wonderful gift with us. I feel that I gained a much better understanding of mediumship and how benevolently you offer help and support to others at what must be a fairly draining cost to yourself. I just wanted to say that I very much appreciated the openness and warm welcome and wish you much good health and happiness. You have a lovely smile and aura that I’m sure I will carry with me for some time. Good luck Joanna

Bridget Skype Reading London

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I would to like provide some feedback . I had a reading with Annabella three weeks ago and she was accurate and picked up my grandfather who is on the other side and she had a message from him . She also said a name of a place and in less than a week , my sister mentioned that place . Really amazing . Just booked another reading as last time I got really overwhelmed and didnt take note of what she was saying .She is real !!


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Just a very quick thank you to you for an excellent reading the information that you received has helped me to understand my past and I hope future experiences all of what you said was very accurate to the point where I know know that we never die we just move to a different plain of immorality and take care of what we leave behind as our legacy to life in the future, I will be in touch with you again. A load has been lifted from my shoulders

Kim Dubai Skype Reading

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Just wanted to provide some feedback following the reading.

Annabella was great and made me feel very comfortable. The things she knew about my life and other people in my life was incredible. What she said about my father really helped me to put closure on his death and I feel more at peace and aware more of how to connect with him – she ever got the date he died correct!! In regard to future predictions, I am really looking forward to see what unfolds and pleased to have some direction, guidance and hope. Another thing I would like to mention is that my partner was stopped by psychic a month or so ago, prior to my reading and things were mentioned to him in regard to work / future. The odd thing is that Annabella’s words were almost identical to what he had been told previously, in fact she had added to what he had been told. I have no doubt in my mind to her abilities and have already recommended her to a number of friends I know. I hope to speak to her again in the future and I am thankful for her taking the time with me and using her amazing gift. God bless you.


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Would like to thank Annabella so much for my reading amazing is not the word sorry about the tears u giving me so much comfort thanks again and I.’ll defo b back xxx


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Thank you so much for my reading today. My nana is 1 in a million so thank you so much for connecting me to her today. I have had many readings in the past but nothing like yours it was so accurate. Thank you so much will most defiantly be seeing you again.


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Hi, sorry to post straight to your wall but I wanted to let you know and to apologise! I came to see you in April and amongst loads of other things, you told me you could see me being given news of a girl around september. I genuinely laughed at you as my 2nd son was only 9 month and I was convinced I wasn’t having anymore……. today we found out we are having a little girl!!! To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement. I cannot recommend you highly enough!!!!!


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