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Hi, sorry to post straight to your wall but I wanted to let you know and to apologise! I came to see you in April and amongst loads of other things, you told me you could see me being given news of a girl around september. I genuinely laughed at you as my 2nd son was only 9 month and I was convinced I wasn’t having anymore……. today we found out we are having a little girl!!! To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement. I cannot recommend you highly enough!!!!!


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Had an absolute amazing reading today with Annabella clairvoyant I would recommend her to anyone, not only was she accurate with names of loved ones and dates she also gave a complete and accurate reading to Liam she new things that no one could have possibly of known absolutely amazed.


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Well I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but yet again I’ve had an amazing reading from the very talented Annabella… I sobbed from start to finish, my grandma came along and made it feel like she was standing right next to me and hadn’t left us… If only I could have cuddled and kissed her but it’s fair to say I think she’s proud of me and that makes me feel so happy… sorry for rabbiting on but if anyone believes it I would definately recommend her!!!


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Ive just truly and utterly been blown away by what Annabella Clairvoyant has told me today. My god the things she knew nobody on this entire earth knew about — feeling shocked.

Lori – skype reading from Sydney, Australia

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I just had my reading with Annabella and I wanted to express my gratitude as I feel elated, the reading was so healing and has brought me much peace.

I have had many readings that have helped but none left me comforted and positive like this one.  I have had a cloud over my head and it’s lifted.  So thank you
Many Thanks and kind regards



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Hi Annabella. I don’t know if you remember our reading but you said I would be moving home. Well I am now back in the uk. I think about the information you gave me a lot..and I just wanted to Thankyou for helping me with the confidence to know I was doing the right thing. I look forward to arranging another reading with you .. It will have to be over Skype next time! Hope you are well. Claire xx


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Would like to thank you so so so much for my reading, you were spot on with everything including my mams name and info about the photos not only that but you mentioned an important date and after talking to my dad i realised it was my grandmas birthday!! It was an amazing reading which has gave me such comfort and i will defo be back!

Thank you so so so much!



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I would just like to thank you for my reading, as always you were spot on with every detail, especially when you gave me not only my grans birth date but the date she died and a description of her personality.  I always enjoy visiting you and come away with a better spiritual understanding of what is happening around me.
You truly are an Angel.
Light and Love Nicola


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