Nicola 1-2-1 reading Tenerife

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Hi thank you so much for today, it was very emotional . I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I have waited along time to go for a reading after member s of my family passing away, the time was obviously right for me/them today and something brought me to you. It has touched me in many many ways and restored…. Maybe not restored but reinforced what I already thought,I know I have been looked after for many years,I wouldn’t have survived otherwise, thank you and my daughter and I look forward to the course in a couple of weeks and learning more about ourselves x

Debbie – Spiritual Awareness Workshop

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Wow!!! What an experience, a spiritual awakening class with the most amazing bunch of girls. For the 1st time in nearly 18 years I felt leafy with me and the love i felt was out of this world. I felt my dad too, but it made me realise i feel him around always. So privileged to have shared this with you Ruth it’s something I’ll never forget. Thank you Annabella really got and have taken so much from tonight xx

Chrissy – 1 to 1 reading

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Been to see Annabell today and i can only say that it was absolutely mind blowing, you truly are as good as everyone has said you are. Absolutely spot on with everything that was said down to names and dates etc. Simply amazing. I thankyou very much Annabelle x

Tracie – Phone Reading

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Had a telephone reading off Annabell yeaterday and to be honest i was a bit sceptical as I was thinking a reading had to be done face to face she was absolutely amazing got that my hubby had recently attended hospital his scan that is coming up in June, she gave some truly personal information which she couldn’t of possibly known you truly are as good as all your reviews I had read before making an appt with you. Will definitely recommend to all my family and friends and look forward to see what happens in Aug and sept and speaking to you again in the future thank you so much, lots of Love Tracie xxx

Jo – Facetime Reading

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Wow another amazing reading! It’s about 3 yrs since I had a face to face reading and tonight I had a FaceTime reading. It was exactly the same as face to face. I’ve recommended you to so many over the last ten years, who have gone on to have readings and all have been equally blown away. Tonight you gave me messages from my dad and nan with info that has really helped put my mind at rest with some major issues bothering me for years! You also have me info that I can pass on to someone special who really needs to hear this so I can’t thank you enough from me and from them. I will be continuing to recommend you in the north west now so expect more requests from us Lancashire folk!! Good luck in Tenerife, much love to you ? x

Tracey 1-2-1 readings

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Me and my husband came to Annabella (my husband being an absolute sceptic) and she has amazingly changed everything she told simon the month of the death of his dad and knew it was with in a year, knew his name as Robert but he was known as bob which she also knew and the biggest thing for simon was that Annanella told him that he was wearing his dad’s t shirt and that Julie his stepmom give him a lot of his clothes and his brother had left cards in coffin and he got them all she also said he was with Derek Simons grandad, she did not reel of loads names til she got there like other ones I’ve been to she got them straight away! And I am absolutely elated that my nanas came through together and she said there names iris and Mary and my grandad jack was there nothing could have made me happier, that’s all I needed, it was mind blowing and has made us so happy to know they are with us and around us and answer our questions in our thoughts and give us a gut instinct of the answers and touch my face every now and then xxx

Sandra 1-2-1 reading

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May I just say that the gift you have is a miracle .you have given me and all my family such peace knowing David is happy where he is now .
Everything you told me , names ,dates ,times ,feelings was true .
I feel so much better knowing all my family are with my boy .
I just felt I had to write to tell you .
Thank you , so very much .
Love Sandra

Anon – Phone Reading

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Hi Annabella

Thanks so much for the reading today! I’d like to leave the following testimonial:

Feeling positive and very emotional after my phone reading with Annabelle today. I was astounded when she gave me the name of my workplace and knew that I am restless at work and looking for something else.  She also knew my birth sign, middle name and that I was named after both of my parents (who she also knew had both passed away some time ago). She gave me the name of my mom’s sister who is also in spirit.  I was going to ask her a question about something that has been bothering me for the last month but I didn’t need to ask her this as she passed a message on to me from spirit that answered my question and gave me the name of the friend it concerned. Annabella also told me something that only myself and my deceased parents would know.  She also gave me the name of my brother in law and told me to expect some news regarding him. From her predictions I seem to have a lot of big changes to look forward to and hope they come to fruition.  I will definitely return for more readings from her, she is an amazing medium and I cannot recommend her highly enough

thanks so much again, really enjoyed it,


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