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I just had my reading with Annabella and I wanted to express my gratitude as I feel elated, the reading was so healing and has brought me much peace.

I have had many readings that have helped but none left me comforted and positive like this one.  I have had a cloud over my head and it’s lifted.  So thank you
Many Thanks and kind regards



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Hi Annabella. I don’t know if you remember our reading but you said I would be moving home. Well I am now back in the uk. I think about the information you gave me a lot..and I just wanted to Thankyou for helping me with the confidence to know I was doing the right thing. I look forward to arranging another reading with you .. It will have to be over Skype next time! Hope you are well. Claire xx


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Would like to thank you so so so much for my reading, you were spot on with everything including my mams name and info about the photos not only that but you mentioned an important date and after talking to my dad i realised it was my grandmas birthday!! It was an amazing reading which has gave me such comfort and i will defo be back!

Thank you so so so much!



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I would just like to thank you for my reading, as always you were spot on with every detail, especially when you gave me not only my grans birth date but the date she died and a description of her personality.  I always enjoy visiting you and come away with a better spiritual understanding of what is happening around me.
You truly are an Angel.
Light and Love Nicola


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you gave me a reading last Wednesday and a spirit came through with a question about a greyhound – I asked my dad as instructed and all I can say is the whole reading was amazing. Thank you


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Just wanted to drop you a quick line…just to say thank you very much for yesterday. Me and my two friends are still in shock to be honest!! Rachel (the second girl) is a best friend of mine, to be honest I’ve never seen her so lost for words!!!

The things I wrote down which I couldn’t figure out soon came together when I left and thought a bit more…the date you mentioned has now been confirmed as my first nephews Christening day and the Billy you mentioned was my Grandas good friend who my dad knew growing up…all the ages of my Nanas Brothers passing which I wasn’t sure of was confirmed by her as correct!! I hope your prediction re the new man who is going to appear in my life is as spot on as everything else! Haha…

I would imagine a few of our friends and family will be in touch to book with you as we have sang your praises.

We are so pleased we came to see you, again – thank you very much. I will definitely be looking to come again in the future


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Phone Reading – Dec 2011

I had a phone reading with you nearly 1 month ago now and I’d just like to let you know that I am mind-blown by your accuracy. I already was based on what you told me about myself, my family and my deceased relatives at the time, but already in this short time some of your predictions have come true even though at the time I never saw it coming. I was baffled when you said that you sensed someone in the medical profession with a gemini link yet a few weeks later I ended up meeting and working closely with a young doctor who is indeed a gemini. Similarly your predictions on my dealings with journalists took me by surprise, but I ended up giving an impromptu press conference too…lots of things like that. You have true talent, and I hope that you continue to give many many more readings so that others like me can benefit from your wonderful gifts!

I’d also like to know whether you still give email readings? There is a section on it on the website but I can’t seem to access it when I click.

Thank you so much again!

Nive =


Written by Annabella on . Posted in Testimonials

Reading 19 Oct 2011

Hi Annabella, When i came to see you on wednesday i came with an open mind, i was blown away with how accurate you were. Mam and Dad have both passed over, there were things you told me that only thay would have known, i found it very comforting to know that thay are watching over me. Sometimes we get a bit lost along the way and need a litte help, a lot of the time we have gut feelings and unsure of how to read them, you help’d me to look at things a little differently. I can’t thank you enough for my reading, it was worth every penny, thanks again,



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