Angel Lightworker

Lightworker, my guardian angels help me in my readings and also my healing. I feel their touch on my face – it’s gentle and soft. I feel this when I am doing my readings and some of my clients feel the touch also. We all have guardian angels. [They are there to protect us in many ways and that’s why miracles happen.]

Archangel Michael will be at your side as soon as you ask for help. He protects with a blue cloak. Just imagine yourself being zipped from head to toe in his cloak. This keeps you safe when needed.

Angel Lightworker Information

An Angel lightworker is an individual that has chosen a specific life’s work. To help and heal people in other words an angel light worker is here to make a difference in the world. It means a veil ready to be lifted. I was meant to do this work. science and spirituality coming into union.

Angel Lightworkers are light within ready to let you feel the touch of your Angel to. We are all spiritual,you will feel it move ariound you when around an Angel lightworker.

There is a great awakening going on right now the awakening of your true self.


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