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Sarah Jane Messenger Video

‘Annabella is absolutely fantastic this will be my 4th reading from her and she’s been spot on every single time.

She’s helped me a lot with every reading she’s done – Thank You Sarah Jane x

Tracie – phone reading

Omg what can I say I got a reading in Feb off this wonderful lady now believe me when I say this I have been to open circles, numerous readings, tarot cards, runes the lot this lady has gave me more in a thirty minute reading that I have ever had in my life I had the reading in Feb she told me three things can’t mention on here but she gave me dates every single thing she told me has come true she is abs truly amazing Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️ def recommend and will def be seeing again xx

FaceTime reading – Nichola

Facetime reading – I have had a good few readings from Annabella over past few years. I have met her in England, and since she moved abroad, I’ve had telephone readings and a facetime reading today. I can honestly say it is one of the best readings I have had. Annabella is so lovely and I always feel happy and positive after a reading. The things Annabella says to me, no one else would know. After each reading I have always been more than happy. I will always return to Annabella and I highly recommend her

One to one reading – Steve

Hi Annabelle thank you so much for your reading today, I’m absolutely blown away by your accuracy of what you have told me.
I am now able to relax more knowing that my loved ones are at peace Many thanks Steve

FaceTime reading – Stephanie

Absolutely amazing Reading via FaceTime . I was so worried about doing it this way. Was just as good if not better! Reading was so accurate. Gave me so much guidance and reassurance about my future and was amazing to hear from my loved ones.
Thank you so much Anne see you again in 6 months!

Carl – Spiritual Awareness Workshop

Lovely update from client who attended my spiritual awareness workshop and then also did my online course afterwards over a year ago

“Good morning Annabella, so it’s been a year & a bit since our last conversation. I just wanted to let you know that since doing your workshop @ your home in UK & then your cd course I attended & still do a local spiritualist church that does development classes. Josie & I have now given a few readings to fellow students & brought spirit through. I really feel that from your workshop to now I’ve come on in leaps & bounds. I meditate regularly & see spirit all the time with messages to boot. I’m no way up to reading for the public yet but I’ve given very detailed readings in class with dates, locations & full colour images that I liken to being shown a video of events. I also get names that I can hear & smells. this is truly amazing & this spiritual path is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done. Thanks again for your course that paved the way. regards, Carl. x ?

Skype reading – Rebecca

Amazing reading would not go to anyone else after having one from annabella completely speechless

Phone reading – Megan

Had a phone reading and everything was absolutely perfect right down to family members names and stuff she could never of known! Been putting it off for a while but really happy I had it done was absolutely amazing! Would recommend to anyone will definitely be getting another done � thanks very much x

FaceTime reading – Rebecca

I’m totally blown away with Anne’s accuracy

Family members and names,ex boyfriends!!
So precise on everything!!
Thanks so much xx

Facetime Reading – Karen

Just had the best reading in 30 years off Annabella via facetime! Absolutely blown away and feel so much better knowing that my friend’s and family are helping me via spirit. Thank you sooo much, was lovely to talk to you eventually! Lots of love  xxx

Nicola 1-2-1 reading Tenerife

Hi thank you so much for today, it was very emotional . I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I have waited along time to go for a reading after member s of my family passing away, the time was obviously right for me/them today and something brought me to you. It has touched me in many many ways and restored…. Maybe not restored but reinforced what I already thought,I know I have been looked after for many years,I wouldn’t have survived otherwise, thank you and my daughter and I look forward to the course in a couple of weeks and learning more about ourselves x

Debbie – Spiritual Awareness Workshop

Wow!!! What an experience, a spiritual awakening class with the most amazing bunch of girls. For the 1st time in nearly 18 years I felt leafy with me and the love i felt was out of this world. I felt my dad too, but it made me realise i feel him around always. So privileged to have shared this with you Ruth it’s something I’ll never forget. Thank you Annabella really got and have taken so much from tonight xx

Chrissy – 1 to 1 reading

Been to see Annabell today and i can only say that it was absolutely mind blowing, you truly are as good as everyone has said you are. Absolutely spot on with everything that was said down to names and dates etc. Simply amazing. I thankyou very much Annabelle x

Stephanie – 1 to 1 reading

So I seen you last June you gave me a date to remember the 3rd of April! My little boy came 5 weeks early at 18.46 on Monday the 3rd April!

Stacey – Facebook Messenger Reading

Just had a reading on messanger and wow, a got everything she said and the things she knew and messages from the spirit world were amazing xx

Tracie – Phone Reading

Had a telephone reading off Annabella yeaterday and to be honest i was a bit sceptical as I was thinking a reading had to be done face to face she was absolutely amazing got that my hubby had recently attended hospital his scan that is coming up in June, she gave some truly personal information which she couldn’t of possibly known you truly are as good as all your reviews I had read before making an appt with you. Will definitely recommend to all my family and friends and look forward to see what happens in Aug and sept and speaking to you again in the future thank you so much, lots of Love Tracie xxx

Jo – Facetime Reading

Wow another amazing reading! It’s about 3 yrs since I had a face to face reading and tonight I had a FaceTime reading. It was exactly the same as face to face. I’ve recommended you to so many over the last ten years, who have gone on to have readings and all have been equally blown away. Tonight you gave me messages from my dad and nan with info that has really helped put my mind at rest with some major issues bothering me for years! You also have me info that I can pass on to someone special who really needs to hear this so I can’t thank you enough from me and from them. I will be continuing to recommend you in the north west now so expect more requests from us Lancashire folk!! Good luck in Tenerife, much love to you ? x

Tracey 1-2-1 readings

Me and my husband came to Annabella (my husband being an absolute sceptic) and she has amazingly changed everything she told simon the month of the death of his dad and knew it was with in a year, knew his name as Robert but he was known as bob which she also knew and the biggest thing for simon was that Annanella told him that he was wearing his dad’s t shirt and that Julie his stepmom give him a lot of his clothes and his brother had left cards in coffin and he got them all she also said he was with Derek Simons grandad, she did not reel of loads names til she got there like other ones I’ve been to she got them straight away! And I am absolutely elated that my nanas came through together and she said there names iris and Mary and my grandad jack was there nothing could have made me happier, that’s all I needed, it was mind blowing and has made us so happy to know they are with us and around us and answer our questions in our thoughts and give us a gut instinct of the answers and touch my face every now and then xxx

Sandra 1-2-1 reading

May I just say that the gift you have is a miracle .you have given me and all my family such peace knowing David is happy where he is now .
Everything you told me , names ,dates ,times ,feelings was true .
I feel so much better knowing all my family are with my boy .
I just felt I had to write to tell you .
Thank you , so very much .
Love Sandra

Anon – Phone Reading

Hi Annabella

Thanks so much for the reading today! I’d like to leave the following testimonial:

Feeling positive and very emotional after my phone reading with Annabelle today. I was astounded when she gave me the name of my workplace and knew that I am restless at work and looking for something else. She also knew my birth sign, middle name and that I was named after both of my parents (who she also knew had both passed away some time ago). She gave me the name of my mom’s sister who is also in spirit. I was going to ask her a question about something that has been bothering me for the last month but I didn’t need to ask her this as she passed a message on to me from spirit that answered my question and gave me the name of the friend it concerned. Annabella also told me something that only myself and my deceased parents would know. She also gave me the name of my brother in law and told me to expect some news regarding him. From her predictions I seem to have a lot of big changes to look forward to and hope they come to fruition. I will definitely return for more readings from her, she is an amazing medium and I cannot recommend her highly enough

thanks so much again, really enjoyed it,

Georgi Phone Reading

Thank you again for my reading this morning I am amazed by your insights and look forward to seeing how things pan out. Also nice to know Tommy and Mary are reunited at last. Thank you Georgi

Joanna Spiritual Awareness Workshop

Annabella, thank you so much for the workshop yesterday and sharing your wonderful gift with us. I feel that I gained a much better understanding of mediumship and how benevolently you offer help and support to others at what must be a fairly draining cost to yourself. I just wanted to say that I very much appreciated the openness and warm welcome and wish you much good health and happiness. You have a lovely smile and aura that I’m sure I will carry with me for some time. Good luck Joanna

Bridget Skype Reading London

I would to like provide some feedback . I had a reading with Annabella three weeks ago and she was accurate and picked up my grandfather who is on the other side and she had a message from him . She also said a name of a place and in less than a week , my sister mentioned that place . Really amazing . Just booked another reading as last time I got really overwhelmed and didnt take note of what she was saying .She is real !!


Just a very quick thank you to you for an excellent reading the information that you received has helped me to understand my past and I hope future experiences all of what you said was very accurate to the point where I know know that we never die we just move to a different plain of immorality and take care of what we leave behind as our legacy to life in the future, I will be in touch with you again. A load has been lifted from my shoulders

Kim Dubai Skype Reading

Just wanted to provide some feedback following the reading.

Annabella was great and made me feel very comfortable. The things she knew about my life and other people in my life was incredible. What she said about my father really helped me to put closure on his death and I feel more at peace and aware more of how to connect with him – she ever got the date he died correct!! In regard to future predictions, I am really looking forward to see what unfolds and pleased to have some direction, guidance and hope. Another thing I would like to mention is that my partner was stopped by psychic a month or so ago, prior to my reading and things were mentioned to him in regard to work / future. The odd thing is that Annabella’s words were almost identical to what he had been told previously, in fact she had added to what he had been told. I have no doubt in my mind to her abilities and have already recommended her to a number of friends I know. I hope to speak to her again in the future and I am thankful for her taking the time with me and using her amazing gift. God bless you.


Hi just wanted to say a massive thank you for the reading today both myself and my mum were so grateful for the messages that you passed on to us xx


Would like to thank Annabella so much for my reading amazing is not the word sorry about the tears u giving me so much comfort thanks again and I’ll defo be back xxx


Thank you so much for my reading today. My nana is 1 in a million so thank you so much for connecting me to her today. I have had many readings in the past but nothing like yours it was so accurate. Thank you so much will most defiantly be seeing you again.


Hi, sorry to post straight to your wall but I wanted to let you know and to apologise! I came to see you in April and amongst loads of other things, you told me you could see me being given news of a girl around september. I genuinely laughed at you as my 2nd son was only 9 month and I was convinced I wasn’t having anymore……. today we found out we are having a little girl!!! To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement. I cannot recommend you highly enough!!!!!


Had an absolute amazing reading today with Annabella clairvoyant I would recommend her to anyone, not only was she accurate with names of loved ones and dates she also gave a complete and accurate reading to Liam she new things that no one could have possibly of known absolutely amazed.

Lisa Marie

Brill reading from Annabella Clairvoyant lovely messages n sound advice from the other side nice one thank you xxx


Well I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but yet again I’ve had an amazing reading from the very talented Annabella… I sobbed from start to finish, my grandma came along and made it feel like she was standing right next to me and hadn’t left us… If only I could have cuddled and kissed her but it’s fair to say I think she’s proud of me and that makes me feel so happy… sorry for rabbiting on but if anyone believes it I would definately recommend her!!!


Ive just truly and utterly been blown away by what Annabella Clairvoyant has told me today. My god the things she knew nobody on this entire earth knew about — feeling shocked.

Lori – skype reading from Sydney, Australia

I just had my reading with Annabella and I wanted to express my gratitude as I feel elated, the reading was so healing and has brought me much peace.

I have had many readings that have helped but none left me comforted and positive like this one.  I have had a cloud over my head and it’s lifted.  So thank you
Many Thanks and kind regards



A huge thank you to Annabella Clairvoyant for the wonderfully healing Reiki session this morning.
Anyone wanting Reiki, a Reading or a Past Life Regression I heartily recommend her. Annabella does international Skype readings too !


Hi Annabella. I don’t know if you remember our reading but you said I would be moving home. Well I am now back in the uk. I think about the information you gave me a lot..and I just wanted to Thankyou for helping me with the confidence to know I was doing the right thing. I look forward to arranging another reading with you .. It will have to be over Skype next time! Hope you are well. Claire xx


Would like to thank you so so so much for my reading, you were spot on with everything including my mams name and info about the photos not only that but you mentioned an important date and after talking to my dad i realised it was my grandmas birthday!! It was an amazing reading which has gave me such comfort and i will defo be back!

Thank you so so so much!



I would just like to thank you for my reading, as always you were spot on with every detail, especially when you gave me not only my grans birth date but the date she died and a description of her personality.  I always enjoy visiting you and come away with a better spiritual understanding of what is happening around me.
You truly are an Angel.
Light and Love Nicola



you gave me a reading last Wednesday and a spirit came through with a question about a greyhound – I asked my dad as instructed and all I can say is the whole reading was amazing. Thank you



Thanks for your time yesterday, you have an amazing talent, I’ve recommended you to a few people – thanks again


Phone Reading – Dec 2011

I had a phone reading with you nearly 1 month ago now and I’d just like to let you know that I am mind-blown by your accuracy. I already was based on what you told me about myself, my family and my deceased relatives at the time, but already in this short time some of your predictions have come true even though at the time I never saw it coming. I was baffled when you said that you sensed someone in the medical profession with a gemini link yet a few weeks later I ended up meeting and working closely with a young doctor who is indeed a gemini. Similarly your predictions on my dealings with journalists took me by surprise, but I ended up giving an impromptu press conference too…lots of things like that. You have true talent, and I hope that you continue to give many many more readings so that others like me can benefit from your wonderful gifts!

I’d also like to know whether you still give email readings? There is a section on it on the website but I can’t seem to access it when I click.

Thank you so much again!

Nive =


Reading 19 Oct 2011

Hi Annabella, When i came to see you on wednesday i came with an open mind, i was blown away with how accurate you were. Mam and Dad have both passed over, there were things you told me that only thay would have known, i found it very comforting to know that thay are watching over me. Sometimes we get a bit lost along the way and need a litte help, a lot of the time we have gut feelings and unsure of how to read them, you help’d me to look at things a little differently. I can’t thank you enough for my reading, it was worth every penny, thanks again,


Karen Stokoe

Healing – Nov 2010

“just a quick note to say thank you for the healing in the class on wed night.I must tell you what happened after getting home. I settled in bed for the night to be woken up 4-5 times over the course of the night with a strange buzzing and crackling feeling moving up through my nose – it was so intense but painless. I have never experienced anything like it. However on getting up this morning I am completely pain free – I can’t believe it – i feel like its a miracle. I know 100% that the healing you gave me was unbelievable – thanks ever so much and god bless”

Karen Defty

Spiritual Coaching Course Oct 2010

“A very big thank you for all the inspiration i have gained over the duration of the course. Its really hard to explain how the course has lifted me to a totally new way of thinking about life. Its been a great learning opportunity and to engage with the spirit world is the greatest of all “

Brenda Whaley

Spiritual Coaching Course – Fri 12 March 2010

Thank you for all of your wonderland time you have shared with me. You have changed my life. best wishes Brenda

Colin Miller

Sun 8th Nov 2009

Spiritual Coaching Course

I would just like to say a massive thankyou for the first class coaching course I have just completed. It’s just a shame it has come to an end so soon.I enrolled on the course as a result of a reading you gave me back in july09.That reading completely turned my belief system around 180 degrees and resulted in my attending. The course itself was an absolute pleasure, the other students were a great bunch,who i will be keeping in touch with and your teaching style is just perfect for this type of learning. I am truly indebted to you for the knowledge you have passed on to me,as it will serve me so well in what my future holds and for this i will always be eternally grateful.

Holly Dolly

Wed 9 Dec 2009

I was so impressed with the personal reading I had from Ann that I bought 4 copies of this book from Amazon, for family and friends. It was enlightening, inspiring easy to read and very explanatory. The content covers all aspects of spirituality and I have found it a great comfort following the death of my father. I now understand that the difficulties we have in life are for a reason, we will grow into a better person from having had the experiences. The biggest comfort is I now have faith and know that this life is not it, there is something better for us in the next life, our loved ones never leave us they are with us all the time

I am fortunate to have had readings, Reiki healing and have attended a coaching course delivered by this amazing and unassuming lady. Ann comes across as loving and caring, which she is, she gives messages with such clarity it is unbelievable. Ann, also known as Annabella, is highly respected, she wants to help people and spread the word, which she does through her website and this book.

Sally Fitzgerald

Phone Reading – Oct 9 2009

I was so pleased with my telephone reading with Annabella, there was nothing she said that didn’t make sense to me, my mum only passed in March and i wasn’t sure i would make contact with her, but she came through straight away, there was no doubt it was my mum and the reading was marvellous, it gave me such strength and comfort, and i can’t wait for another telephone reading in a year or so’s time. Thank you Annabella.


August 13 2009

My brother came through during my reading – Annabella told me he passed when he was 3, with a blood connection and that it was a freak accident – she was spot on – he died when he was 3 – he fell from his bike and died due to a blood clot

Then at the end of the reading she told me his name was Alan – I couldnt believe what she told me


August 11th 2009

I have just read her book ” The Calling of Your True Self” – its amazing and so easy to follow. I can’t wait to see her again – everything she told me has come true so far. She helped me when I was at my lowest point in life – she gave me hope – thank you so much

Janice Leckie

13 Nov 2008

Hi Annabella,
I just wanted to thank you you have kept me strong when all around has been falling down.
Today I was interviewed by a wee fat bald man who appreciates all my skills and wants me to teach in 3 different centres.
I can’t thank you enough for keeping me strong and when the dust settles I will come back to you for a more in-depth reading.
Again thank you.

Helen Brown

Oct 19th 2008

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write this email, I came to see you 15th September. I just wanted to say a massive ‘Thank You’ for my reading, it was so accurate and helped me deal with a lot of issues that I have been carrying around for the last 3 years. Already a lot of your predictions have came true and I can’t wait to see how the next 6 months unfold!!

I have already recommended you to my friends and I will certainly be booking up again next year!

Thanks again, Kind regards

Vikki Sprat

13 Sept 2008

Hi Annabella i just want to say thaknyou for the reading you gave me at your home wednesday last week at the end you asked if i had any questions i asked about my biological father you told me he had scottish roots and was still living then you asked why i was going to scotland i said in 7 weeks im off to scotland on holiday you told me i would find out some info about my father in 7 you said possibly when i was in scotland well as it happens exactley 7 hours after i arrived home from seeing you my mum told me everything but said she had not wanted to tell me earlier ( certain reasons) and it just so happens that his mam is scottish you couldnt have been more right if you tried i thank you so much you were so accurate ive already booked to come again in january thanks again love vikki x


Janette Heslop

11 June 2008

I had never before taken the step of visiting a clairvoyant, I was very apprehensive as to what I may have entered into. Immediately, I met Annabella I knew it was the right road to take. She told me of things that only the person in spirit and I would know. My only regret is that I had not purchased the book prior to the visit as I may have had a greater understanding of the ‘Calling of Your True Self’ It is a great read. Worth Every Penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no doubt I will be visiting Annabella again. A very satisfied customer.

Simon Harper

14 May 2008

Just discovered your web site and thought I would email to thank you for the reading you gave me a month or so ago. A lot you said made sense and was very comforting for me since I lost my wife, Leigh, in january.  Again, many thanks for your words of comfort.  Simon Harper


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