Swalwell Community Centre

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Sat October 24th 2009 – 6th Sense Evening

Annabella is pleased to announce that she is making another appearance at Swalwell Community Centre, after her 1st visit there attracted an audience of around 80 people. For more information please contact Fiona on 0191 410 4629.

If you would like to book Annabella for a 6th Sense evening please contact her on 07944 632 345 or email info@annabella-clairvoyant.co.uk

New Kyo Constitutional Club

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Wed 15th July – Clairvoyant Evening

Annabella is pleased to announce that she will be appearing at New Kyo Constitutional Club ( The Monkey ) near Stanley to do one to one readings. For more information contact Liz on 01207 237095.

I hope to see you there

BBC Radio Newcastle

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Tues 10th Feb 2009 – 11.20am

I am delighted to announce that I will be appearing on the Jonathan Miles Midmorning Show once again, taking calls and analysing people’s dreams plus speaking on other psychic and spiritual matters – so why not give me a call and tell me about your dreams !

The Board Inn Shield Row

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31st Oct 2008 – Sixth Sense and Ghost Hunt

Halloween Night

I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to do a Sixth Sense Evening and Ghost Hunt at The Board Inn Shield Row. More information as soon as I get it….

Spiritual Connextions Awards Portsmouth

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Sat 6th Sept – Open Platform

I am pleased to announce that out of 360 mediums nationwide who applied for this event, only 16 have been asked to attend, and I am delighted to announce that I am one of them !!

It is an open platform for new and established mediums to perform X-Factor style in front of an audience of 80 people, with Tony Stockwell and other well-known celebrities among the judges – for more information http://www.spiritualconnextions.com/portsmouth/evening.htm

After all the performances 2 mediums will be eventually chosen by the celebrity panel and audience to perform at the Sunday Evening of Mediumship along with other well-known mediums in front of an estimated 1,400 people !!.

Update Sept 16th

spiritualconnextionsJust to inform you I just missed out on the Open Platform Final but was really pleased by what the judges and other VIP’s had to say to me ( Austin Charles from TV’s Britains Psychic Challenge and Tony Stockwell both being very impressed with me ). I learnt so much from this event and it was a pleasure to meet with other top mediums from around the country.




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